I guess I should fill you all in on who I am and just what I am doing here. Just to let you know, I am a notoriously long-winded storyteller; but I will try to keep it brief. After all you have a blog to read. I am the first of three children with seven years of separation between myself and the next in line; which pretty much makes me an only child, or at least gives me many of the characteristics. My two sisters were born 18 months apart.

I work as your friendly neighborhood Orkin man, where I am an inspector of residential properties. I have a wonderfully supportive wife I am very much in love with. I am the dad to seven children–one boy and six girls–the oldest of of which is in college, and the youngest is in diapers. I love being a dad, and sometimes I’m fairly decent at it… sometimes. Good parent or not, these guys give me a ton of material to write about. Now if I just had more time.

A few months back, my wife convinces me to return to college in order to gain a degree in creative writing. It took me a while to find the school with a program I believed in, but needless to say, I did so. Once my classes were under way, I had very little extra time on my hands to write for pleasure–or in the case of this blog: sanity–but I will continue to write here. Bare with me.

I have also dipped back into my toolbox of skills and have embarked into the realm of voice over work. I was a DJ for years in my youth, and I will admit I was pretty good at it. So if you are in need of a vocal performer to record a commercial spot, you can check me out at:

Full time job, full time parent, full time student, voice actor and published writer in fiction, non-fiction, and of course this blog. I seem to be a busy guy I know. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you give up television… and sleep. Busy or chaotic, no matter what you call it, I am living in “This World of Hurt”.

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