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Size, Shape, and Matter

In Men, Women on November 8, 2011 at 9:56 pm

Did you miss me? I have to once again apologize for being away so long and I truly hope that you are all well. I actually have been pretty busy. The kids, combined with a couple of college classes, took up a lot of time over the summer. I have been some making progress on my novel—although not as much as I would like, I wrote a couple of reasonably good papers for a class, a short story that will be great in about four more drafts, and I wrote a few more things that just plain sucked and were promptly discarded. Wouldn’t it be great if every time you sat down to write every keystroke emitted brilliance? Now, combine all that with a day job and I just got pulled away from blogging about my life. That being said, if somebody out there would pay me for writing all this down—wink wink, nudge nudge—I could probably crank this stuff out much faster. At any rate, I apologize for my absence.

So, my wife has been really into this new social network, Pinterest. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this site I will try to explain. Imagine a giant bulletin board where people everywhere, in all walks of life, can “pin” photographs of things that “interest” them—thus the name…clever, those social network creators. People can view your bulletin board and you can view theirs. Then simply click on a photo to learn more information on that particular topic. I’m not much of a social network person myself, but even I can find some interest in Pinterest.

OK, back to what I was saying. My wife was checking out Pinetrest this morning and one of the pictures that peaked her interest was of three women, with three different body types, posing in identical, black undergarments. The related story was that when polled over their preference, more men found the size 14 attractive opposed to the size 8 or the 12. This is one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard in my life. I don’t find ludicrousness in the statistic itself—after all those can be manipulated—where I find it, is the purpose of the poll.

Ladies, I have some questions for you: Why is it that you seem to be in a perpetual state of attempting to validate that it’s OK to be a size 14? And why do you always try to get men to choose one size over another? After all, when I look at the picture, I see three very attractive women, and I would bet dollars to doughnuts that a majority of the men polled felt the same way. Women! Stop trying to fit into the “cookie cutter” images of what popular society says a woman should look like. You see, the problem with cookie cutters is all the dough that is left over. Ladies, if God didn’t want all the dough to be used in the cookie, he wouldn’t have made it all in the first place. Besides, the Lord loves a wondrous variety.

Men come in all shapes. Why shouldn’t women? We are simply talking molecular affinity here, for indeed beauty does lay in the eyes of the beholder. Most men are a lot like the waters of the Gulf Coast: you have to do some searching before finding an area that’s not shallow. It is true, the recognition of what any particular man may find aesthetically pleasing is what may initially attract them to you, but it is the content of your heart, mind, and soul that will make them want to stay.

We are not that complicated. You see us as complicated because our simplicity is baffeling to the complex mind of the female. That being said, we are not so simple that beauty is defined as one or the other. We desire you because you are women, because you are soft to the touch and smell good, but we fall in love with who you are: the confidence you have in yourself—and in us, your laughter, your ideals, and that you have the ability love with all of your heart.

Let me suggest something to the women of the world. Become the woman that you always wanted to be, and stop trying to fit the design of what our superficial society thinks about your shape. Men will want you because we are genetically disposed to want you. The question is, ladies, which is more important: to be desired by men, or to be found by the one man that desires no other.

Men are just simple, and women are simply beautiful. At least, that’s how I see it in This World of Hurt.

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