Mother’s Day

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Sunday, May 8, 2011, Mother’s day. You probably think that this is going to be a mother’s day installment, and you would be partly right. But this is not about my mother; it’s about the mother of my children. Now you’re probably thinking, ok Hurt, that’s a little too corny. In reality, it’s not that corny at all, it’s just the simple outcome of an inevitable mathematical coincidence. Bear with me and I’ll explain.

See, on May 8, 1914, the U.S. Congress passed a law designating the second Sunday in May to be henceforth known as “Mother’s Day”. Since then we have celebrated Mother’s day on many days, as the dates themselves tend to rotate. However, May 8th will always and forever be  my wife’s and my anniversary.

Growing up the son of a successful band director for public schools, I was moved around during my youth almost as much as a military brat. Five years is about the maximum that I have ever spent in one place, and that has only occurred twice in my lifetime that I can recall.

One of these “five year” stretches was spent in a tiny oilfield community named Sundown. Two kinds of travelers went to Sundown: people who were going there, and people who were lost. It is located at the intersection of two farm to market roads in the middle nowhere. There was one traffic light… and it blinked.

I suppose, one might say that I have grown into a bit of an unusual man, and as you could have guessed, I was a bit of an unusual child. Naturally, Sundown, being a typical small, West Texas, one blinking light, narrow minded, redneck, cookie cutter, Payton Place of a community that it was, just welcomed the unusual with open arms. Nevertheless, I played a lot of music—being a drummer and all—and I made a few friends. But it seems as though, my true purpose in Sundown, was to meet a young, fourteen year old beauty, which would eventually become my wife.

Patricia moved into town the summer before her freshman and my junior year of high school. We had an immediate attraction to one another and were maintained a very on again off again relationship. You see, we never officially “dated”. I claimed that she—although super hot—was too young for me, but the truth of the matter was: I really liked her a lot and that sort of thing kind of scared me. So, needless to say we really never got anything going. Not that it would have mattered, because before the end of the year she had to move away. She kissed me goodbye on the steps of the school, then turned, and walked away without ever saying a word. She was gone, and this made me very sad, but—while I was on tour with a drum and bugle corps out of Wyoming that summer—my parents moved us to a new town as well, and this made me very happy.

Now, flash-forward a couple of years, during my freshman year of college our paths crossed once again. She was certainly not too young for me any more and I wasn’t going to have another missed opportunity, and, well, that evening could only really be described as an explosively erotic immersion of unyielding passion; ah the impetuousness of youth. The next morning I awoke alone. She had awakened and left in the morning while I slept without saying a word… She certainly had an uncanny flare for exits. Fate had brought us together that night and bonded us in ways we could have never imagined… life—for the time being—however had other plans.

Flash-forward to a Mother’s day, oh, a dozen years or so later, as I traveled from South Carolina to Utah, fate intervened once again. I was plotting the next leg of my journey and saw on the map the town of Rotan Texas. My stomach fluttered recalling that I knew of only one person from this tiny little town. So I called information, made a few calls and in no time I was once again talking to the girl I could never get out of my mind. Unfortunately, we were each on the back end of an eight year long marriage spiraling toward divorce. It seems that fate has a macabre since of humor.

Now, flash-forward a couple more years, I was a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, and received an e-mail from a person with an awfully familiar name. I opened it. My pulse raced and my heart echoed in my ears as I read. She told me her name and inquired if I was the same Jeff Hurt that had attended Sundown High School all those years ago.

I will spare you the next couple of years. Let’s just say that we stayed in communication via telephone and text messaging. This was a wonderful way to build a relationship without physical contact. See, we were able establish our love on the content of the others heart instead of, well, other organs. We spent many nights talking well into the morning hours; getting little sleep until eventually she came to visit me in South Carolina. It was December 27th when she stepped off the airplane and into my embrace for the first time in fourteen years, and she stayed with me for a whole four days before I proposed to her on January 1st; not a bad way to start the new year if I do say so myself.

So, I loaded up the truck and moved to… Texas, and we began the next chapter of our life together.

To tell you the truth I don’t know why she loves me and I cannot begin to describe to you the reasons or the way that I love her. I do know this one truth for certain: This is God’s doing. I am the furthest thing from a religious radical that you could be, but I have my beliefs and a healthy relationship with God. See, I literally put it all in his hands and then wander through life and he takes care of me… because he knows that I am an idiot. He made us wait because I needed to learn about life and love before we could be together. And eventually all the cosmic tumblers fell into place to allow that to happen.

I have lived a wonderful, exciting, and full life, but with Patricia, it is now a complete life. I laugh harder, cry happier, and love deeper than anyone else on the planet because of who she is to me. I could never begin to thank her enough, and Shakespeare himself would be unprolific in scripting the words to adequately describe the love I feel for her. What that I can say is that all that I am, or all that I may eventually be, whatever greatness I may one day achieve, will be in my failure to become the man that she deserves.

So, in the words of the great Ella Fitzgerald,

“The world will pardon my mush.

 Cause I’ve got a crush, my baby on you.

Yes, I’ve got a crush, my baby on you.”

I love you Patricia. Happy Mother’s day and happy anniversary  You are what makes life bearable in,  This World of Hurt.

  1. OMG!!! This made me cry! I am sooooo glad that the two of you have found each other in this very complicated and unpredictable world. You each complete the other and that is the most wonderful relationship in the world. I love you both!


  2. It made me cry too! This was probably the reason God moved us to Sundown so many years ago just so you two could meet! Thanks for being such a wonderful guy to my little sis! Love you both so much!


  3. Beautiful…absolutely endearing. You guys are extraordinary!


  4. Every so often, and more so the closer it gets to our “official” anniversary, I love to go back and read this entry in your blog. I, personally, think it’s the best one you will ever write! I cannot help but smile every time I read it and it always makes my heart sigh…

    I love watching you be a dad and interacting with our children and the kids at school. You have the uncanny ability to make even the most boring subject exciting when it comes to homework time! Like…history…or science. Blah! ;) I am so glad that God brought us together, not only for me but also for all of our kiddos!

    You are also a wonderful husband and I love you more than anything in the world. It is amazing the things that one can accomplish when someone loves and supports you! You and me babe, we are a great team! Our children (we have very smart kids with big hearts) know how much we both love and support them, so the sky is the limit for what they are going to be able to achieve! I cannot wait to see what all you will be accomplishing in the future. It is going to be fantastic…I can feel it!

    You are an amazing husband and father and I don’t think I tell you that enough. So there, it’s now in print and you can read this whenever you get aggravated at me. :) Although that never ever happens… lol!

    You have made life so much more fun! I love you. <3

    *Thanks for all the help with the laundry…I'm sure I will be able to pay up my bill sooner or later! ;-)


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